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Coroners Bills

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Coroners investigated deaths. They recorded their finds so that they might get their travelling expenses. The miles indicated how far the coroner had travelled in connection with a specific event, together with the sum refunded.

14 May 1758. Dilton, .John Hooper, aged about 2. On 17 May fell into a brook and was drowned. 15 miles. £1.11s.3d.

4 Feb, 1755, Dilton, William Den, Accidental (recte natural) death, 15 Miles, £1.11s,3d.

13 Nov, 1795, Dilton in Westbury. John Larkin, aged under 2, being imprudently trusted and left near some hot water, by falling on it was scalded and burnt to death. 16 miles £1, 12s.

12 Jan. 1790. Short Street. John Wilkins, aged under 4, fell into a well and was drowned. 16 miles, £1. 12s.

19 March 1795. Broker’s Gate in Short Street tything. A bastard female infant, suspected to have been murdered, or unfairly treated, by the mother, Sarah Archett. A very long and strict enquiry. Found it was not so. 17 miles. £1 12s. 9d.

19 Dec. 1768, Dilton Marsh. Mary Harvey. On 16 Dec., being ill with a fever and light-headed got out of her bed in the night and accidently fell into a treadle-pit which caused her death. 17 miles, £1. 12s. 9d.

6 July 1791. Dilton Marsh. James Jones. Found dying in a lane or footroad, inward rupture of a blood vessel. 17 miles. £1. 12s. 9d.

Details recorded in a project by Jacqui and Jenny Halliday in 1985.