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First 1000 Years Depicting Christ

Martyn has written many educational and history books, particularly on Anglo-Saxon England and the early medieval period, and is an experienced communicator.


Wool has provided the raw material for clothing for thousands of years and the talk will show how the woollen trade enabled three west Wiltshire towns to become thriving industrial centres.

Wiltshire’s Little Known Places

Historical sites you may never have been to.

Speaker James Archard

Have you ever wondered about the hidden historical gems nestled within the picturesque county of Wiltshire?
James will embark on a journey through time, exploring the lesser-known historical sites that lie beneath the surface of this renowned region.
While many are familiar with the prominent landmarks that adorn Wiltshire’s landscape, there exists a wealth of history waiting to be uncovered in the shadows of these well-trodden paths.
Join us as he delves into the historical places in Wiltshire that may have eluded your radar, revealing the intriguing stories and secrets that they hold.

Friday March 22nd at 7.30pm
Dilton Marsh Memorial Hall
Admission £2.00 members
£4.00 non-members

All welcome

For further information, contact 01373 858561