A very big thanks to the “Heritage Lottery Fund“ for their support of “Digging for Dilton” including the creation of this website.

Their support helped promote and encourage a community spirit which has brought many people previously unknown to each other into close and supporting friendships; something that can only be good for the village as a whole.

Our website has been set up to showcase what we do and to give people access to the work we have done and continue to do. It’s a collection of the elements of what makes the society and, is varied in the information styles we have used.

We hope you find it informative and interesting. If you would like to join us, either as a member or at an event, please contact us.

Dilton School Dig – ‎17‎ ‎Mar‎ch

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Fairfield – ‎24‎ ‎Mar‎ch 2017