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Wiltshire’s Little Known Places

Historical sites you may never have been to.
Speaker James Archard
Have you ever wondered about the hidden historical gems nestled within the picturesque county of Wiltshire?

First 1000 Years Depicting Christ

Martyn has written many educational and history books, particularly on Anglo-Saxon England and the early medieval period, and is an experienced communicator.


Wool has provided the raw material for clothing for thousands of years and the talk will show how the woollen trade enabled three west Wiltshire towns to become thriving industrial centres.

Charles Case Tan Yard

Dilton Marsh Local History Society, together with Westbury Heritage Society and Westbury Family History Group, are  looking into the history of the Charles Case Tannery Co., which operated in Westbury Leigh from 1890 to 1983.

The Westbury Heritage Centre, has available a notice board from the tannery, dating from around 1925 with the following names.

G.G. Hoare
J .W. S. Bailey
F. Hickley
E.J. Brighting
E.J.. Brighting Jnr.

Should any family members of these named persons, still reside in our local area and be willing to provide us with any details as to their role within the Charles Case Tannery we would be most grateful.

Any such information would be employed to support our proposed exhibition and display, proposed for later this year.

Please contact any of the following.

 Westbury Family History
 Westbury Heritage Society
 Dilton Marsh Local history Society