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Mike Marshman’s Talk Review and More…

The History Society were given a most entertaining talk by Mike Marshman on Friday 25th November, at Fairfield Opportunity College, titled ” Ale House to Public House”. As some of you may know Mike was employed with Wiltshire Council for some 50 years,  mostly associated with their facilities. His knowledge on aspects of Wiltshire history is probably second to none. He has the ability to centre on his primary subject yet supply a range of additional facts and information which add so much more interest and encouragement for further studies.

The History Society will not be having any further talks until Friday 22nd February 2019, when Steve Hobbs has agreed to talk on “The History of Dilton and Westbury from the Middle Ages through to the 1960s.” Steve as many will know currently works at “The Chippenham History Centre” and is another of those people who truely know their way around the history of Wiltshire.

One area the History Society would like to address is the establishment of a permanent display site for the various items, photographs etc. in our collection.

Should readers have any suggestions they would most welcome.

In the New Year we hope to interview and record memories of people who have been long term residents of the village and in doing so build a more diverse range of first hand experiences to support our knowledge base.

It is a perhaps a sobering thought that in some twenty or so more years we will be celebrating the 100th year to the WW2, and no doubt memories of those who served in any capacity will be recounted. Having recently been asked to say a few words on one of our Dilton residents lost in WWI and finding it difficult to put a complete picture together. It is apparent that anything we can do now to record the lives of those engaged in WW2 would add so much to our living history.

Please do contact the society with any enquiries you may have.