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A Tall Black Man

Recent PostsAn illustrated talk by Andrew Campbell about events that followed the Battle of Worcester in 1651 when Charles II made a dramatic escape from Cromwell’s...

The History of Clay Pipes in Great Britain

Recent Posts Marek Lewcun's talk on Friday 24th March 2023   Dilton Marsh Local History Society will be presenting a talk to be given by Marek Lewcun, archaeologist and...

The Monmouth Rebellion

Recent PostsIn the summer of 1685, the Duke of Monmouth attempted to take the throne of England from his uncle James II. Local historian and author Gary Kierley...

Talks 2023

Dilton Marsh Local History Society Talks for 2023

The following talks have so far been arranged for 2023.

Friday 27.01.2023
“Frome and The Monmouth Rebellion”
By Gary Kearley (This talk relates to Duke of Monmouths attempt to take the Throne of England from his uncle James the 2nd.)

Friday 24.02.2023
“Horrible and Curious History of Wiltshire”
By Terry Bracher from The Chippenham History Society.

Friday 26.05.2023
“A Tall Black Man”
By Andrew Campbell (This talk relates to Charles the Seconds escape following Battle of Worcester.)

Admission £4.00 non-members, £2.00 members.

All welcome