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Wiltshire’s Little Known Places

Historical sites you may never have been to.
Speaker James Archard
Have you ever wondered about the hidden historical gems nestled within the picturesque county of Wiltshire?

First 1000 Years Depicting Christ

Martyn has written many educational and history books, particularly on Anglo-Saxon England and the early medieval period, and is an experienced communicator.


Wool has provided the raw material for clothing for thousands of years and the talk will show how the woollen trade enabled three west Wiltshire towns to become thriving industrial centres.

The Original Christmas Gifts

A return visit by speaker Andrew Campbell who will tell us some of the background and significance of these items as gifts.

Dilton Marsh December Report 2019

Sally Hendry gave the History Society a brilliant talk entitled “Victim or Villain”, or by the more sensational title”The Bratton Murders” , presenting the life of Rebecca Smith , found guilty of poisoning one of her children and hanged in Devizes in 1849. A sobering account of life and times which today are hard to fully comprehend.

More good news is that Sally has offered to return next year and give a talk on the Quakers; details to follow.

Proceeds from the talk by Sally will be donated to “Children in need”.

Those of you who know Steve Hobbs will be pleased to see he has agreed to give the society a talk entitled “Dens of Satan”, (Nightwalker’s and Poor Labourers and Maintaining Order and Social Justice in 17th Century) This will be on Friday 21st February 7.30 pm at the Dilton Memorial Hall

Terry Bracher from the Chippenham History Centre has agreed to present his talk “Early Crime and Punishment” on Friday 27th March again at the Dilton Memorial Hall.

On Saturday the 25th April between 10.00am and 2.00 pm the society will be having an open day at the Dilton Memorial Hall when we will be displaying a variety of items, maps, articles etc which the society have gathered over the years.

On Friday 22nd May, Dr. Nicola Tallis, historical author, has agreed to give a presentation on “Margaret Beaufort”, Mother of Henry VII and Grandmother of Henry VIII. Those of you who attended her presentation entitled “Elizabeth’s Rival”, the life of Lettice Knollys, Countess of Leicester, will appreciate just what a great opportunity this is to hear from someone with Nicola’s in depth knowledge on this era.

Finally, as some of you will know over the past years the society has undertaken a range of projects which have primarily been to increase our knowledge and understanding of Dilton’s historical development. We would very much appreciate any of your suggestions as to further projects.

There will be no presentations in December or January.

Thank you for your support over the past year and here’s wishing for a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.

Graham Noble