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Wiltshire’s Little Known Places

Historical sites you may never have been to.
Speaker James Archard
Have you ever wondered about the hidden historical gems nestled within the picturesque county of Wiltshire?

First 1000 Years Depicting Christ

Martyn has written many educational and history books, particularly on Anglo-Saxon England and the early medieval period, and is an experienced communicator.


Wool has provided the raw material for clothing for thousands of years and the talk will show how the woollen trade enabled three west Wiltshire towns to become thriving industrial centres.

July News 2019

As some of you will remember we recently took a guided trip around Leighton House under the care of Andrew Field. Unfortunately at the time we had to place a limit on numbers attending and as such some members were unable to take part. The good news is that a further visit could now be available and so again I would ask anyone interested to make them selves known either to myself or any other history committee member. Again numbers will have to be limited. so early notification of your interest is essential.

Those of us who attended the talk given by Graham Bathe on Wulfhall were treated to a brilliant examination of it’s history and of just how historical certainties are occasionally not quite true as we might think. I for one fell into the school who thought effigies of recumbent knights with their legs crossed.from around the C13 had taken part in the great Crusades . Thanks to Graham I now know this is not at all the case. We were treated to an informative historical trip through the life of Wulfhall and it’s connection with Jane Seymour and Henry V111.
We look forward to getting a return trip from Graham.

Village day proved another great opportunity to make contact with Dilton villagers and it’s always a pleasure to hear of their experiences and information which perhaps may go unknown but for the opportunity to talk on such an informal occasion. Memories of John Atyeo ( Dilton’s England Soccer player) came from many who attended and it appears already that initial steps have been taken to apply for a “Blue Plaque” to be erected on his childhood home. I have also approached Bristol City Supporters Association and they are willing to give a talk on John’s playing history with the club. It would be good to support this with memories from his students both at Kingdown School Warminster and Matravers Westbury where he taught Mathematics.

So anyone in a position to contribute such memories would be most welcome to contact either myself or any of the Dilton Marsh local History Society members.

We are now looking forward to Sophie Hawke who will be giving her talk on the “Rev Skinner” on Friday 12th July, 7.30pm in Dilton Marsh Memorial Hall; he sounds quite a character.
We are still looking for sites to carry out “Test Pit” digs and while we have couple in mind would welcome any additional opportunities which Dilton villagers can offer.
Finally; Graham Bathe has invited our Dilton Marsh Society members to attend an “Open Day” at Wulfhall in September this year, with a date to given shortly. Again members who would wish to take advantage of this offer should make contact as soon as possible.

Graham Noble